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Meet Our Team of Planning Warriors, Ready to Harness the Force for Good.

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We will focus on the co-existence of distinctive and modern food courts in the wave of many new opening eateries - taking comfort, affordability, and curated taste as our core values.

The year after the pandemic has demonstrated the strengths of our unique business. When we look back on this particular year, we associate it with the solidarity of our operation team, willingness to change the idea of food courts, creativity in food curation, and logical geographical space selection that eases our customer experience. We are incredibly proud of how we have managed to emerge stronger from the year of covid crisis. We completed more than three food courts in 2022 and secured another three spaces in 2023.

Providing a wholesome dining experience with local, western, and Asian food in a genuinely comfortable and intuitive environment has been our core strength. Moreover, we have also adapted integrated operation services, adjusted operational SOPs, food curation, and many more steps to provide a seamless dining experience for our customers. We have done this for our clients, the company, and each other.

Foreword from Directors


Board Of Directors

Jamie Chew


Alan Hu

Director,Operation & Management

Elvis Lim

Director, Finance & Analytics

Sunny Yeo

Director, Corporate & Strategic Planning

Over 18 years of experience in sales & marketing, she remains as a pivot for all Food City's expansion plans. With her a vast experience in F&B industry, decisions are calculated with detail numerals .

With extensive experience in operations, Mr. Alan holds the anchor role at Food City. From the seed point of a food court to fine tuning every minut detail in serving customers and operating a food court, Mr.Alan handles everything. 

Strategic planning and sustainable business development are cores of any successful business. With 12 years of experience in strategy management and 5 years of experience in finance & corporate planning, he leads the core of Food City's business landscape.

Mr. Yeo has more than 10 years of experience in banking and financial services industry.With his strong visionary leadership and strategic business acumen, Mr. Yeo acts as the key driver for Food City on all our corporate investment matters which ranges from evaluating mergers and acquisitions.

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